Residents urged to report rental scooters if found within loop

(Published Aug. 1, 2019)

By Stephanie Racine

During the July CAPS meeting, police addressed safety concerns. 

Many residents said they noticed heavy motorcycle traffic over the Fourth of July weekend. One resident reported seeing hundreds of motorcycles on Lake Shore Dr. heading north. Another resident was concerned about the motorcycles on Lower Wacker Dr. wondered if the police could reallocate officers to patrol the area. 

Officers Veronica Meraz and Necole Bryson informed residents that there is currently a Thursday to Sunday initiative on Lower Wacker to watch for any illegal motorcycle activity. They also believe there has been a decrease in motorcycle activity, due to increased police presence, and the department does not receive as many complaints. As for any other motorcycle incidents, Bryson reminded residents the police need to be informed. 

“What we need you guys to do is call 911 when you see these things,” Bryson said.

Other residents said they feel unsafe in the area. Some are intimidated walking home late in the evening as they did not feel any officers are nearby. 

Bryson assured residents that part of an officer’s job assigned to the area is to patrol. 

“If you need more patrol, we would be happy to do that,” Bryson said. She said patrol officers would be more visible. 

The new electric scooter program was also an issue of concern. Although the scooters are geofenced to certain areas in Chicago and are not permitted in New Eastside, residents have spotted them being used in the neighborhood—and on the lakefront path. A representative from Alderman Reilly’s office recommended residents email photos of any rentable motorized scooters spotted to

The officers reminded residents that summertime is full of visitors to our area and to stay vigilant, but to know police are prepared for any number of incidents.

“We want you to feel safe, please call 911. Please use your city services,” Bryson said.

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